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On concealing awesome design with catastrophically not awesome design

This post is brought to you by the 2013 First Annual Colored Pencil Audit, so before relevant ado, the results are:

Total colored pencils retained: 25
Breakdown by general color:
5 green
5 brown (including yellow ochre and metallic copper)
4 purple (including pale rose and metallic mauve)
3 pink (including peach)
3 red (including orange)
3 blue
2 black

Total pencils retained which were not colored: 3 (2 2HB, 1 eyeliner)

Total pencils retained which were not sharpened: 1 (plastic, twist-bottom, pink)

Total colored pencils discarded: 6 (blue, yellow, grey, orange, pink, white) due to the core breaking off at the barrel after twice being sharpened to a point

Total pencils discarded which were actually graphite: 1 (B) due to same issue

Total items discarded which were not pencils at all: every part of the holds-your-shavings pencil sharpener which was not part of the classic 1″ x 5/8″ metal unhoused design.
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