Gender Pokey: a companion to the Gender Gumby

A friend remembered that I had issues with the Gender Gumby (PDF link), a teaching tool that SMYRC‘s Bridge 13 community education program has been using for some 10 years, since well before the Q Center even existed. The Gumby is good for people who have never questioned these things before, but for the rest of us it can be alienating, boring, etc (this video is a great demonstration). This friend asked if I knew anything better, and I realized I still haven’t seen an improvement I liked, so I made this Gender Pokey (PDF link).

It’s focused on gender only and is intended as a companion to the Gender Gumby, rather than a replacement; I’m imagining, if you’ve got a workshop where you want to have people do the Gumby exercise, have printouts of both and let people do either or both, so that everyone can be involved at their own self-determined level. Some sort of something for orientation that makes Kinsey scratch his head would be great. Sharing one’s historically or currently assigned sex should be opt-in rather than opt-out, so I didn’t put it on there at all. Enjoy, and feedback is welcome!


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