Quick notes regarding triggers, social justice efforts, and the Chicago Dyke March

Quick reminders/thoughts related to the whole Chicago Dyke March evicting Jewish marchers thing. None of this should be taken as establishing what went down, this is just intended to challenge some of the ways I’m seeing people respond to some of the information getting reported.
  • people have the right to be triggered by anything; there isn’t a list of acceptable things to be triggered by, an application process, etc
  • people have the right to self determine whether something is a trigger, without requirement of formal diagnosis from a profession which historically treats marginalized people as mentally ill for refusing to comply with their marginalization
  • people are responsible for figuring out how they manage their triggers and their space needs related to those triggers
  • just because something is an important concept for social justice and people’s wellbeing does not prevent people from using that concept to harm individuals and communities; patterns of behavior should shape how we view one off occurrences
  • no space is responsible for or even capable of removing every possible trigger in that space
  • many spaces are highly capable of providing resources to support people in that space with common triggers, including but definitely not limited to trigger warnings, as well as uncommon and therefore unlistable triggers, including but not limited to having mental health support staff on hand
  • taking care of people most at risk due to marginalization and resisting the divide-and-conquer methodology of kyriarchy are common goals, even though the steps toward those goals may often appear to conflict
  • how much can those steps conflict without actually working at odds with each other? Context matters always
  • adhering strictly to simplistic arguments for social justice purposes allows you to act quickly, and it also gives people easy tools to dismantle your efforts. Allowing for complexity slows you down, and it also gives you the ability to work with people who would otherwise aim to dismantle your efforts. Both simplicity and complexity can be used toward the same goals even when they appear to conflict.
This is a test, this is only a test.

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